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Sony KDL50R550A

As an entry-level 3D model of Sony’s 2013 3D lineup, the KDL50R550A is the smallest in this series. Coming in at a mere 50” you can up your screen real estate to 60” or 70” and stay in the R550 series. 3D is passive and Sony kicks in four pairs of glasses so you can hook up and experience 3D immediately.

The Sony KDL50R550A has a very attractive design. The thin black bezel framed panel sits atop a chrome-plated ribbon stand. A silver band breaks up the bezel at the bottom of the screen displaying Sony’s logo. While a bit deeper than higher priced flat panels, the KDL50R550A is still only 2.25” deep with a 3.62” bump out at the bottom.

The Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) encompasses built-in Wi-Fi, Opera as the browser, and the usual fare of streaming, music, social media and sport apps. One perk the Sony KDL50R550A doesn’t have is a dual core processor.

If you have a smartphone and tablet (Android and iOS), you’ll be able to share content easily with the Sony KDL50R550A. Giving you wireless – Miracast® or cabled – MHL® options, content from either device is scaled and sized to fill up all 50” of the screen. If you have DLNA certified equipment, you’ll also be able to access these files remotely and see them on the TV.

A new feature, SideView, takes program searching and information off the big screen and onto your Sony smartphone or tablet. It will also work as a remote for the KDL50R550A, your Sony Blu-ray (2011 or newer) and BRAVIA TV (2012 or newer).

The RVU feature will let DIRECTV subscribers who have the new Genie DVR access satellite content even if the DVR isn’t in the same room.

Passive 3D means no batteries to charge on the glasses and because they are so cheap, you can throw a 3D party without straining your wallet.

The jack pack on the Sony KDL50R550A include four HDMI, two USB, a shared component/composite input, analog and digital audio, an Ethernet port as well as a PC HDMI, MHL and RF.


Consumer reviews are trickling in on the Sony KDL50R550A. Most are positive about picture quality and 3D effects. We’ll have to wait to see what testing shows for an objective rating of picture quality and motion handling. In the past LED edgelit panels have been prone to backlight bleed through, bad side-viewing angles and poor sound.