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Sony KDL60R550A

The Sony KDL60R550A is Sony’s cheapest model that is a Smart TV as well as a 3D TV. Looking to go big, the Sony R550A also comes in a 50 and 70 inch version. Perhaps the most noticeable change on this model, is that Sony went to passive 3D, removing the need for charging glasses and making them more economical. Sony included four pairs of these lightweight inexpensive glasses with the KDL60R550A.

When a TV is this big, design takes on new importance. The Sony KDL60R550A is a very attractive TV that is slightly marred by the silver accent on the bottom of the bezel. Although it matches the silver ribbon of the stand, for those who want to wall mount the Sony KDL60R550A, the silver bar might be a bit of an eye catcher. Though the better part of the panel is a slim 2.25” deep, the bottom bumps out to 3.62” to house the speakers.

Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) is Sony-speak for its Smart TV platform. With built-in Wi-Fi and a full browser (Opera) the only thing the Sony KDL60R550A lacks is a dual or quad core processor to mitigate the demands of browsing and operating the TV. The SEN also lets you access music, video and games on any Sony internet connected device like a tablet or smartphone. Expect all of the popular apps for VoD, music, sports and social media.

If being connected is important to you, you’ll love the Sony KDL60R550A. It is chock full of the latest sharing technology. It has Wi-Fi Miracast™ and MHL for either wireless or wired content sharing between the Sony KDL60R550A and a tablet or smartphone. It is also DLNA certified so sharing files wirelessly from laptop, videocam or other DLNA device is available.

The TV SideView feature lets you take some of the onscreen duties like guide and program searching off screen so you can surf on your tablet or phone without intruding on TV’s image. Are you a DirecTV subscriber with the new Genie DVR? Then the Sony KDL60R550A will give you the option of running the Genie remotely so you don’t have to clutter up your main viewing area. Just put the Genie in any room and see your DVR content without the box.

MotionFlow™ XR 240 is Sony’s motion smoothing technology. We’ll have to see what test results find about its effectiveness. Last year more testing found turning off smoothing features (across brands) to result in a better image.

The Sony KDL60R550A is well endowed in the jack pack area. You’ll find four HDMI, two USB, a single analog audio in, digital audio out and audio out. A shared component/composite in is included along with an Ethernet port, a PC HDMI, MHL and RF.


Very few reviews or test results yet on this just emerging 2013 model from Sony. The Sony KDL60R550A is an edge LED backlight LCD and it will take some time to see if the light bleed issue of yore is still present in the new line ups.