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LG 55LA6970

As an off model number, LG 55LA6970 will probably be marketed at big box discount stores, but this doesn’t take anything away from this LA6900 series TV. At just a step below the LA7400, the LG 55LA6970 only differs in the refresh rate coming in at 120Hz (MCI 480), compared to the 7400 240Hz (MCI 960). You will still get a Full HD, 3D, with dual core processor, Smart TV features with Magic Remote, voice recognition, a bumped up sound system and local dimming LED edgelit backlighting.

Another benefit retained on the LG 55LA6970 is the Cinema Screen Design. Although sporting a black bezel and ribbon stand (swivels) instead of the LA7400 silver, this is one handsome TV. With an ultra-thin bezel, giving you the maximum amount of screen in the minimum amount of space, the LG 55LA6970 will look great sitting on the credenza or mounted to your wall.

I’m a fan of LG’s Smart TV dashboard and, perhaps the most usable Internet interface remote on the market. The dashboard is laid out in pages or cards that group apps according to type or your choice. While the current programming window is a little small, you’re here to choose an app not watch a show. The menu options are conveniently displayed in a ribbon at the bottom and shortcut buttons are at the top of the page.

With the LG 55LA6970, Magic Remote with voice recognition, get ready for a nearly pain free Smart TV and Web browser experience. With the dual-core processer, one would hope for function efficiency to be improved but it still isn’t up to par. Menus on the LG are easy to use and deep. If you like to tweak the LG 55LA6970 ISFccc picture settings will have you in tech heaven. If not, then LG also gives you the Picture Wizard II to help “them that don’t tweak”, tweak to get a satisfying picture.

LG is making an effort to improve the LG 55LA6970 sound system. Long known as a fault of LCD and LED TVS, LG adds a third speaker for some much needed bass and has the Clear Voice II, Sound Optimizer and Smart Sound Mode to give this panel a fighting chance at actually having decent sound.

Passive 3D image quality and effects are excellent on the LG 55LA6970, aided by depth, image and viewpoint control settings. Gamers will enjoy the full screen dual play feature, though you’ll have to buy or make your own special glasses (search YouTube). LG generously included four pairs for your immediate 3D viewing pleasure.

Connectivity is the rage for 2013 and the LG 55LA6970 is well connected. The older DLNA, SIMPLINK™ and USB playback are still available but you will also get WiDi, MHL™, NFC and Miracast™ through Wi-Fi Direct. You’ll be able to tap, flick, mirror and share most any file with your LG 55LA6970 as long as your device is compatible.

AV connections are adequate. Sporting three HDMI and USB (all side mounted), with one each, RF, AV in, component, digital audio, LAN, headphone out and RS-232 facing downward.


Reviews are just starting to trickle in, but people seem to be loving just about everything on the LG 55LA6970 (LA6900). Some issues are arising having to do with the Magic Remote not working correctly for all functions. Some people really like Amazon Instant and it is not part of LG’s Smart TV premium suite.