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Panasonic TC-50LE64

Not mentioned in the original lineup for 2013, Panasonic has introduced the TC50LE64, which is a 50-inch, 120Hz VIERA Connect Smart TV that has Panasonic’s sexy slim bezel and panel.

While the panel itself is attractive in its nakedness, Panasonic still props this panel up on the ubiquitous single-necked black rectangular base – it’s like a forced marriage between 2010 and 2013 designs. It just doesn’t look right.

On the less expensive models, Panasonic uses what it calls its 240 Backlight Blinking technology instead of their scanning technology. Supposedly, the 240 BB adds more motion performance to the 120Hz panel and cleans up the image edges. If this is true, the common motion blur found on LCD panels should be diminished.

VIERA Connect, Panny’s vocabulary for Smart TV, is extremely user friendly. There are two preset screens a Lifestyle and Info screen and a customizable Personal Home screen where you have the option of choosing up to 12 different apps to display for easy accessibility. Panasonic TC50LE64 provides you with access to unending Cloud-based Internet content.

The Panasonic TC50LE64 has the flick technology, called Swipe & Share 2.0 that lets you wirelessly transfer information from your smartphone or tablet to your TV with a basic flick of your finger. You will have to upload the VIERA remote 2 app, have wireless LAN in your home and have an iOS 5.0.01 or Android 4.0 or later versions. The VIERA remote 2 app also lets you use your phone or tablet devices for a TV remote and as a second screen to share content without disturbing the programming on the Panasonic TC50LE64 screen.

Panasonic makes set up easy with the auto detect for available wireless networks and voice guidance on the basics of your Panasonic TC50LE64 TVs functions.

Connectivity on the Panasonic TC50LE64 is mediocre, especially for a 50-inch screen. You’ll get three HDMI (one is ARC), a shared component/composite, an Ethernet, digital audio out and two USB. It looks like all but the USB are rear facing connections.

The sound system (if you can call it that) is two full-range 10-watt speakers. Don’t expect much and have cash ready for a sound bar if you don’t have an existing sound system.


VIERA Connect has greatly expanded from even two years ago. If you are looking for a basic TV that has Internet capability (though no hexa processor or special remote for easier browsing), give the Panasonic TC50LE64 a fair shake.