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LG 60LM7200

The LG 60LM7200 is a 60-inch IPS flat panel that has Smart TV and passive 3D technology. LG also gifted the 60LM7200 with its Triple XD Engine and 240Hz refresh rate. You will also get dual-play for gaming (glasses sold separately).

The LG 60LM7200 was not part of the CES 2012 line-up, wasn’t mentioned in LG’s 2012 HDTV Press Release and it also wasn’t listed on any of the lists for 2012 by the five different consumer electronic review sites I usually scan. The earliest consumer review I found is from Best Buy on October 22, 2012, which suggests this model came out around Black Friday and the holiday sales window. Currently, I’m only finding the LG 60LM7200 available at Best Buy.

All that being said the LG 60LM7200 is making a lot of people happy. I’ve gone over the features and specs of the LG 55LM6700 and the LG 55LM7600 that sandwich the LG 60LM7200. For the life of me, I can’t seem to find a difference (except screen size and price) between the LM7600 & LM7200. The LM6700 is a 120Hz where the LM7200 & LM7600 are 240Hz.

For a mid-level LG LED flat panel, the LM7200 has an IPS panel to improve color reproduction and helps the usual paltry side viewing angle of an LED. The LM7600 black levels aren’t horrible but they aren’t too impressive either. With LG’s Picture Wizard II or the ISFccc setting options, Web sites that test TVs and consumers were able to get a great picture across all formats of Blu-ray, DVD, 3D, SD and HD.

Problems with LED bleed through were reported on the LG 60LM7200. However, not all TVs seem to be susceptible or maybe some people simply don’t “see” the light blooming at the corners or from the center. A few people were satisfied that they had cured the problem via adjusting settings – others simply returned the TV for a different brand. Consumer electronic testers found flashlighting to be a problem.

The passive 3D feature on the LG 60LM7200 has a plethora of settings to adjust things like depth and viewpoint. Many people also commented that they enjoyed the 2D to 3D effect, something not usually found in the positive column for any brand to date. The Dual Play feature lets gamers each see a full screen image of their unique position.

The LG 60LM7200 is a Smart TV with built in Wi-Fi and full web browser, I couldn’t find it specifically stated, but believe this is a MS Windows 7 operating system like the LM7600. LG has, perhaps, the best looking and organized dashboard for apps, streaming and widgets and it is customizable.

Consumers have complaints about the Magic Motion remote. While the design is fetching to the eye, others only want to use it as something for the dog to fetch. Seems the MM remote doesn’t have a flat surface on the bottom, so it falls over and pops a cursor up on the screen every time it falls over. Other people found the remote to be too touchy and weren’t enamored with having to go through multiple screens for a simple command that takes one button push on the standard remote. Others loved the Magic Motion remote and found it made the interface with the TV and Web enjoyable – time to toss a coin.

Menus are top notch, meaning people who like to tweak settings will be happy, those that don’t will be confused . . . well, not really, the Picture Wizard II will help people who don’t even know a menu is available on a TV.


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By consumer ratings there is overwhelming love for the LG 60LM7200, if you can find it for sale. However, there are some issues that sophisticated TV viewers may find unacceptable. If you find the LG 60LM7200 and buy it, make sure there is a good return policy in case it doesn’t meet your expectations.

Expect a great picture after some calibration. Sound is mediocre at best, the volume seems to be rated okay but bass/treble are weak. 3D seems to be where the LG 60LM7200 shines and with passive 3D and 6 pairs of glasses the whole family can sit back and let things fly past them.