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Samsung UN55D6000SF

The D6000 series of LED edge lit televisions have smart TV features and are Wi-Fi compatible, but do not have the 3D feature of the high-end models. The Samsung UN55D6000 is the largest screen size in the series that includes a 32”, 40” and 46” screens.

LCDTV and consumer reviews were consulted for this review. The features on the Samsung UN55D6000 according to Samsung’s specs include the Smart Hub with VOD, apps and widgets, the AllShare and ConnectShare make interacting with your other digital devices easy, and the Ultra Clear Panel and Wide Color Enhancer help make the black levels deeper and the color more vibrant while reducing glare. Add the Anynet+ that syncs your A/V devices to one remote and the game mode to cancel picture smoothing and reduce input lag time and the Samsung UN55D6000 has many of the same features as the more costly models.

One of the issues with slim panel TVs is getting good sound out of the speakers. This is still a problem on the Samsung UN55D6000. With just two 15-watt speakers even the SRS TheaterSound HD system doesn’t push the audio quality over the top. Most people are aware of this problem and default to their external sound system or sound bar. Take note the Samsung UN55D6000 does not have analog audio out only digital optical.

The smart TV feature doesn’t wow many. The people who do like it are satisfied with the news and weather widgets, the Samsung apps and the video streaming selections. However, people who surf the web regularly will be bored out of their minds trying to navigate and type using the numerical keypad on the screen.

Samsung does a great job organizing everything in the hub and in its menus. The menus are easy to use and have extensive settings for picture and image quality that put many other brands to shame. This makes calibration of a great picture possible. When done right the picture on the Samsung UN55D6000 is really top notch for HD viewing. LCDTV found SD viewing showing the soap opera effect and judder.

Screen uniformity, another LED annoyance, was lacking. Jack and Robert of LCDTV and some owners found uniformity issues because of low side angle viewing, while other consumers repeatedly commented on backlight bleeding. Another drawback with the Samsung UN55D6000 is the inability to turn off the 120Hz Clear Motion Rate which contributes to the over smoothing of the background creating the soap opera effect.


Our Rating

Two stars are removed for because the Samsung UN55D6000 doesn’t have built in Wi-Fi and doesn’t include the wireless LAN adaptor. For smart TV and Web use a keyboard is needed. There is no headphone jack and there isn’t an analog audio out. Backlighting, uniformity issues and soap opera effects are common and the sound is paltry.
The 8 stars are for excellent HD picture, decent SD quality and well organized menus and Smart Hub. Calibration is easy and the Samsung UN55D6000 gives you ample settings to get the picture you want. While the Smart Hub functionality is irksome, there is an app to set your smartphone or tablet up as a remote and some people really like the selection of apps, widgets and streaming content.