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Panasonic TC-P42ST30

If you are really looking for a flat panel specifically for 3D viewing you have got to choose a plasma. It simply is the best display technology for 3D technology. Robert and Jack at report the improvements from 2010 models – flashing on the sides of the 3D glasses and blurring at the left and right corners at the bottom of the screen are both nearly absent – are welcome and truly make viewing 3D on this panel enjoyable. Alas, no active glasses or a charger is included with the TC P42ST30.

There are a numerous of games available, MLB TV, Napster, CinemaNow and others and an app store now called VIERA Connect (formally known as VIERA Cast). A common Intern lineup is included but without HuluPlus and Vudu.

The Internet suite includes:
• Twitter
• Facebook
• Pandora
• YouTube
• Netflix
• Amazon Instant

This is an entry-level panel and that means less of most everything including cost. Less HDMI ports (3), only one each composite and component input, a big goose egg for a PC input, it does have 2 USB ports but since this panel is only WiFi ready one might have to be used for an Internet connection unless you have a hardwired connection. Note the WiFi dongle is included.

Something seems to be amiss about preset color. Jack and Robert found the color settings to be horrible and stated to follow their calibrations exactly, while David seemed to suggest they were fine if in Cinema mode and customers either did not tweak the color in any way or very did very little and seemed impressed with the picture out of the box.

The menu is a bit basic looking and requires you to access it using a sequential functions to get to where you want to go in the menu. A searchable menu would cut down on this tedium. The overall design of this panel is also uninspiring, a bit chubby around the bezel and an uninspired stand this panel has nowhere to go but up in the design field. A plus is that the stand does allow you to swivel the panel.


Our Rating

Two points is lost for too few ports, an unattractive design and no 3D glasses included.
But the solid 8 come from the good blacks and colors, the decent 3D and while a little light on the Internet suite, a pretty well rounded menu.