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Samsung UN60F6350

If 3D TV isn’t of interest to you, Samsung is offering a Full HD TV with Smart TV capabilities in the Samsung UN60F6350. This model is virtually the same TV as the F6300 but with Bluetooth SoundShare that allows you to stream sound from other Bluetooth devices.

The LCD panel is backlighted using LED edgelight technology. This allows the Samsung UN60F6350 to be a mere 1.9 inches in depth. With a basic black bezel, this panel sits on top of a four-pronged silver base that swivels for easier access.

Basic TV functions can be controlled using the on screen job button. With just a wiggle of a single finger, you can operate power, volume, channel selection, input and menus. The over populated universal remote is a bit too zealous in its array of buttons and may counteract the convenience of having it all.

This Smart TV has built in Wi-Fi and a dual core processor. Alas, it doesn’t have a keyboard or a souped up remote to aid in using the full Web browser, I highly suggest getting one if you want to spend any time in the browser.

The Smart Hub (dashboard) has been revamped for 2013. The single app page has been expanded to five and is now grouped by similar topics. One page holds apps, another one corrals your music/photos/videos, social media garners its own space as does current TV content and a page for movies and TV shows. New for 2013 is Samsung’s S-Recommendation. By accessing your satellite or cable program info, the Samsung UN60F6350 can recommend current or upcoming programming.

While the Samsung UN60F6350 doesn’t have the latest mirroring technologies of MHL® or Miracast®, it does have DLNA Certification (AllShare), ConnectShare Movie (USB File share) and Anynet+ (control HDMI connected Samsung Devices).

In its third year, Samsung and DirecTV continue with their RVU feature partnership. The RVU allows DirecTV Genie™ subscribers to access their DVR on the Samsung UN60F6350 without the need for a Genie mini device.

The jack pack on the Samsung UN60F6350 is quite adequate, with four HDMI, three USB, an Ethernet, component/composite shared input, DVI audio in, digital audio out and a audio mini jack out, an RF and RI finishing with an RS232.

Unless you like sound without bass and treble, you will probably be happier with a sound bar for the Samsung UN60F6350 sound system. Carrying only two 10-watt speakers, (down firing/full range) dynamic soundtracks will be lost in mediocrity.


The Samsung UN60F6350 is just coming to market (June) and has not be tested or rated and consumer reviews are hard also hard to find. Amazon and Best Buy have customer reviews on the F6300 which are coming in at about 80-85% satisfaction.